Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Pemberley House Chapters 1-9

Chapters 1-9 are now in good, 2nd draft shape. I find it easier to write a several chapter chunk, then set it aside for a few days, come back to it and proof/edit, and then move on to the next chunk.

Or perhaps that's just an artifact of needing to send sets of chapters to certain reviewers in Peoria in digestible amounts.

Either way, it works.

I haven't heard from anyone regarding whether they are interested in previews as the novel is written, or whether folks prefer to wait for the final.

As I said in a previous post, my feelings won't be hurt if no one wants to see in-progress previews. But I would like to know one way or another, so that I can either continue to offer the previews or dispense with them.



Brad Mengel said...

I'd love to see previews.


"Abbey Tarnhelm" said...

Your wish is my command!


The Savage Chuck said...

Me Too!!!!!!!

"Abbey Tarnhelm" said...

Well, okay then, I'll add you to the list! :-)

Carmody said...

Yes, I'd like to see previews too.

"Abbey Tarnhelm" said...

Will do!

Henry Covert said...

yes, previews please, Abbey.

"Abbey Tarnhelm" said...

It's on it's way, Graves, thanks!